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The NOFX Hepatitis Bathtub Music and Book Tour

by Darlyn Finch Kuhn on April 19, 2016


Wed Apr 20th 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Bookmark It at East End Market (APEX)3201 Corrine Dr, Orlando, FL 32803, USA map 
What the what ?! Yes you read it right – NOFX band members will be swinging through Orlando one-night-only to sign copies of their new book (releasing April 12) on their 2016 national music and book tour. This is a meet and greet only, and book purchase is required for admission. **plus please note fans, they will only be signing their books (no memorabilia, no records, no first borns, no body parts…) and taking a quick picture!
Note: As of 4/18 a limited number of books will be available at the door.
NOFX has been called one of the world’s most influential and controversial punk bands, but its full story has never truly been told–until now! In NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories (Da Capo Pressl April 12, 2016) band members “Fat Mike” Burkett, Eric Melvin, Erik “Smelly” Sandin, and Aaron “El Hefe” Abeyta look back on more than three decades of the band’s completely inexplicable success, telling the story as only insiers could: the pranks and drunkenness and fun alongside the horrors of murder, suicide, addiction, riots, and terminal illness.
“I can’t shake the feeling that there’s possibly a race of mole people living in the Earth’s core playing a world-sized game of electric football and using some huge magnet to somehow always guide me to safety through the chaos.” ~ Fat Mike in Chapter 6
NOFX has released a dozen albums, sold more than 8 million records, and toured 6 continents; its lead singer co-founded one of the most successful indie labels in the world. Come meet them, come get your book signed!
Note: As of 4/18 a limited number of books will be available at the door.

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Get a free audio book!

by Darlyn Finch Kuhn on April 19, 2016



Valerie Allen writes:

Hello, Scribblers ~

“My psychological thriller, The Prodigal Son, is now available as an audio book on iTunes and Audible via

If you enjoy listening to books, contact me at for a FREE coupon for The Prodigal Son. I’d like to hear from you.



The Prodigal Son

A teenager’s refusal to attend school leads to criminal charges against his parents and disastrous consequences for him. His parent’s recent divorce, his father’s hasty remarriage, his brother’s moving away for college, leave Andrew Tibbet in a desperate whirlwind of emotions. Using revenge as his weapon of choice, he sets out to destroy his family emotionally and financially. Psychologist, Allyson Freemont, comes to understand the boy’s anger and frustration when she learns the disturbing truth about what’s been happening behind closed doors.



Books by Valerie Allen:
The Prodigal Son

Amazing Grace
Sins of the Father

Suffer The Little Children

‘Tis Herself: Short Story Volume One

Summer School for Smarties

Bad Hair, Good Hat, New Friends

Write, Publish, Sell! 2 ed

Beyond the Inkblots: Confusion to Harmony


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Life with A.D.D.: Ain’t it Grand?

by Darlyn Finch Kuhn on April 19, 2016




Author Enid Jackowitz writes:

“A few years ago I wrote a poem about what my life was like with ADD that I read to many of my ADD clients. They found it funny and honest and resonated with it. So I decided to make my poem into an eBook. I think the book will be helpful not only for people with ADD and those who love them; but also for others to understand what living with ADD is like.
The book, Life With ADD: Ain’t it Grand is available to download on Amazon to your Kindle/IPad/Smartphone for $2.99.”

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In Deep Trouble


Long-Distance Scribbler, Terry Odell, is thrilled to announce her second Triple-D Ranch romantic suspense is available for pre-order.

She trusts everyone. He trusts no one.

In her job as a Sheriff’s Department Dispatcher, Cecily Cooper sees plenty of people who could use a second chance. She’s created a program to give the less advantaged a fresh start, and thinks her brother’s Colorado cattle ranch will be the perfect spot for her project. Some responsibility and a touch of physical labor will help these people find an alternative to life on the streets.

Bryce Barrett, ex-Army Ranger now turned cowhand on the Triple-D Ranch, prefers animals to people. People have agendas. Animals don’t. It’s one reason he and Cecily are always on-again, off-again in the relationship department.

When seventeen-year-old Grady Fenton is chosen as the first candidate for Cecily’s program, Cecily is thrilled. Bryce not so much, especially when his boss assigns him to be Grady’s mentor. Can Bryce convince Cecily there’s more to Grady than typical teenage angst? Or is he reading more into the boy’s behavior than is really there? When someone is killing cattle across the state, the Triple-D’s herd is no exception. Does Grady have answers? Sparks fly when Bryce and Cecily must put aside their differences long enough to discover what Grady is hiding. Soon things escalate, and it’s not just the cattle in danger.

Find more here:

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